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Benefits Of Buying Long Island Vacation Homes

Long Island is a wonderful travel destination, and vacation homes offer many benefits. The area is more than just a suburb of NYC, with attractions that anyone can enjoy. Additionally, most places can be easily accessed by car or train. Long Island is filled with history, amazing restaurants, beautiful landscapes, and luxury accommodations. Perhaps one of the best areas to buy a vacation home.

Why you should buy a vacation home in Long Island

If you frequently travel to Long Island or nearby, you may find a vacation home purchase can offer many benefits. From a romantic getaway to a family retreat, vacation homes are a better alternative than a hotel. Vacation homes come in all types, including house, cabin, condo, chalet, and others. 

If you travel to Long Island frequently, it may be worthwhile to buy a vacation home and rent it out for the rest of the year. The following are some of the top benefits of buying a vacation home in Long Island.

1. Space

When you get a hotel room, you’re limited on space. The average room size is around 325 sqft and sleeps 2 people, possibly up to 4 with a double bed. However, with vacation home, you can choose the size that would be comfortable for your family size. Just need a one-bedroom cozy cabin? Maybe you have a large family and need a 4-bedroom house? Being able to choose the space needed is one of the largest benefits of a vacation home when traveling to Long Island.

2. An Additional Income

Buying a vacation home for frequent trips to the same area is sometimes more cost-efficient than booking always a hotel room. Depending on the regulations, it is often possible to rent out your property while you are not using it yourself. Just check the regulation for short-term rentals in the area where you are looking for your property. Once you have paid off the property, it can serve as an additional source of income in retirement, or you can use your vacation home as a permanent retirement home.

3. Location, Location, Location!

Another popular benefit is the ability to have a better option for your location while traveling. In many areas, hotels are positioned more in highly trafficked areas. Depending on the purpose of your traveling, you may prefer to be closer to the entertainment or hidden away.

You can find a vacation home in nearly any type of location desired, from in the city, outside the city, within walking distance to various attractions, or a more private location with a view for that romantic getaway.

4. You are not restricted

 If you are traveling with friends or family, you might have to book multiple hotel rooms as most only sleep 2 to 4 people. Meanwhile, vacation homes can offer two or three bedrooms, so each person has their own privacy. 

When traveling, it can be hard to find a hotel that allows pets, but when it comes to a vacation home, you are allowed to bring your pets. That makes traveling much easier. 

5. Feel like at home

You can furnish and equip your cottage according to your preferences. A walk-in closet, high-speed internet, cable TV, laundry facilities, including a washer and dryer are no longer a problem. Many hotels will charge for high-speed Wi-Fi as part of the nightly rate or upsell later. If offered, hotels charge for laundry services or offer coin-operated machines, which makes vacation rentals even more efficient if being able to do laundry is necessary. 

If you can work independently of location, it is also possible to stay a few days longer. In your vacation accommodation you are not limited in time. With time, you may also get to know a few neighbors and you will feel right at home.

6. Buy a Vacation Home for more Privacy

Depending on the type of Long Island vacation home you buy, it may include a private hot tub, pool, patio, or balcony. If you were booking a hotel room, these are amenities that would be shared with dozens, if not hundreds of other guests. 

You may also live in a very busy area of New York like Manhattan. Then it is a relief to travel to the quiet areas of Long Island.

7. Cooking vs. Eating Out

Your vacation home will be equipped with a full kitchen, you have the option of purchasing groceries and cooking instead of eating out every meal. Not only can this save more money during your travel, but it can also be healthier. Whereas, when staying at a hotel, you usually have to eat out or order room service for every meal (unless breakfast is provided). 

If you often travel to the same place, consider looking into a vacation home purchase. These are just some of the most common benefits of choosing a vacation home over a hotel stay; depending on the purpose of your trip, there may be various other benefits to choosing a vacation cabin, house, or another type. Take a look at our entries and see if there is a suitable property in Long Island for you.


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